Monthly Challenge

Complete our monthly gym challenge. Best result wins!

How many pull up's can you complete in a minute? How fast con you row in 3 minutes?

A new gym challenge will be written on the board of the gym at the beginning of every month. To compete simply get our trainer on shift to record your score, or record your effort and post on Facebook with the #stclairmonthlychallenge, or send it to us via Facebook messenger.

First, second and third place prizes in male and female divisions.

First Place

  • YMCA customised hoodie / crew neck / t-shirt
  • PT session

Second Place

  • Gym towel
  • YMCA Drink bottle

Third Place

  • Free coffee


You can only win first prize 2x every 6 months. If you are the winner a third time, you will automatically get the second place prize.